Parents are valued as the prime carers and educators of their children. We work diligently with parents and carers to ensure that all of the individual needs of their children are met.

From the moment you make the decision to send your child to Toddlers’ University we will gather information about your child including their routines, their current level of development, likes and dislikes and interests. This information will be shared with you and will be frequently updated through verbal communication, face-to-face meetings and during more formal meetings. Good communication helps build good positive relationships with parents and carers with the child at the heart of everything we do. Parents and carers are made aware of which members of staff are caring for their child and are given information about their child’s key worker. The nursery manager is also accessible to parents and carers should they wish to discuss any matter at a senior level.

We value parents’ input and parent questionnaires are issued from time to time with comments evaluated in order to make any changes where possible. Feedback from parents is also received during parents’ meetings which take place at least once per year.

Parents and carers of children with English as an additional language are asked to share key phrases with the staff to assist with the child’s care and individual needs and some of these children are able to count in their own language as well as English.

Finally, it is certain that your child will have to leave us and become a “graduate” of Toddlers’ University. We hope you will be able to attend a graduation ceremony where your child will be awarded their certificate “with honours” before starting school.